Ingenio y Arte de sobra/From Trash to Art

 San Vicente y las Granadinas

Project 1:  Paper Construction


Work Team: Kizzy John, Maria Peters,         Stacy Bacchus,  Tristan Punnett

Teachers: Abigail Jack

Waste Material: Old newspaper

Other Material: Water, food coloring

Use: Classroom poster(Periodic table for the Science Lab.) Scrap book


Project 2: Construction of pencil cases, table mats  and  napkin rings                        


Work Team: Amanda Fredrerick,  Rehema Haynes, Shanique Bynoe,  SherryAnn Ballentyne, Nishala Lewis

Teachers: Lotier Rose

Waste Material: Cloth scraps (from the school’s Clothing and Textile Lab.) Toilet paper and paper towel rolls

Other material: Glue

Use: Table mats to be donated to the Home Management Department in our school. Pecil cases for students use.

Project 3:  Construction of a fish mobile


Work Team: Inga Cordice, Shacolann Hackshaw, Erica Daniel, Sharifa Rose

Teacher: Lotier Rose

Waste Material: Egg carton

Other Material: White glue, craft paint

Use: A crib mobile to be donated to the nursery next to our school.


Project 4: Construction of a compost holder and sign


Work Team: Rajiv Rose, Dominic Cordice,  Sosaki Shallow

Teachers: Lotier Rose

Waste material: Large plastic jug, scrap wood 

Other material: Craft paint, permanent markers

Use: For the daily collection of food scraps from the school kitchen

Project 5:  Building a Compost Heap


Work Team: Rajiv Rose, Dominic Cordice,

 Sosaki Shallow

Teachers:  Liz Cordice (parent)

Waste material: Perforated plastic, soil, dried leaves, organic kitchen waste

Use: Fertilizer to be used in our school agricultural program



Project 6:  Construction of pencil holders and  Magazine stands


Work Team: Kendra Horne, Nishala Lewis,

Kizzy John

Teachers: Benedicta James

Waste material:Toilet paper rolls, large cereal boxes, gift paper scraps

Other material: Glue, craft paint

Use: To be given to school teachers for desk use