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Dubai-team Dubai, vista desde general (google) Dubai Marian (Wikipedia) Galicia en Dubai Hotel Burjalarab en DUBAI (Wikipedia)  Dubai, vista desde general (google)

ciudad de Dubai (Wikipedia) Restaurante en Dubai Dubai, ciudad del futuro Calles de Dubai Dubai necesita mucha energia Dubai Mercado en Dubai Hotel Burjalarab en DUBAI

Dubai is one of the 7 Emirates formed in Arabia since 1971. Its official population is 1,500,000 inhabitants, but it’s number is greater due to the number of people who come to Dubai from all over the world, especially from India and Ethiopia to work in construction (a city that has everything, full of skyscrapers and has other major projects on the go like ‘The Palm’ (Three islands called Jumeirah, Jabel Ali and Deira, whose construction will be finished in 2008, or ‘The World’, a world map made up of 300 islands, where it is possible to buy one of the countries that are represented by every island and then to exploit it privately.) Dubai is famous for its’ airport and hotel Burj al-Arab.


cartel anunciador de conferencia en Dubai Emir de Dubai con grupo dubaiti Birgitta Norgen, organizadora del curso

municipalidad de Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai organizadores del encuentro

The Arabic Emirates in Dubai celebrating the  "Global Environmental Youth Conviention- Diciembre 2006". To participate in this Congress it was necessary to take a course about Global Environment from the University of Lund, given by the  "International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)".

Equipo de Dubai equipos de Indai y España Argentina, Mexico, Colombia y España España con el equipo de China

There are close to a million foreign members from 34 countries and we will be based in the "ETISALAT ACADEMY"  where we will stay and attend the different Congress meetings. Spain will send a team including a teacher and two students from 2nd year Bachillerato from IES A Pinguela in Monforte.


Proyectos de medioambiente en Dubai proyectos de medioambiente en Dubai


The general project focuses on the motto ‘Prevention is better than cure’ We are working on various projects at A Pinguela and we need to choose only one of the following issues: energy, water, food, energy expense reduction, garbage and mobility.

We will present our work on Mobility, which is based on the ‘Hiking Route’ to the festivo San Mateo in Monforte and its surroundings. We have rediscovered and recovered this old route with the intention that those who usually drive to the festivo change their mode of transport and now walk along this route to the Pilgrimage of San Mateo. (2,000-3,000 cars are usually located around the surrounding of the festivo’s enclosure.)


We are succeeding with this project with the help of public entities like our Town Council which supports the idea and has been collaborating with us from the start till now and cleans and promotes this route. Also: The National Agency Socrates, Comenius and private entities like ‘The Voice of Galicia’ through its’ ‘Natural Voice’. We also rely on the promotion of this route with the help of the Mass Media to widen the echo of our work. Via power point we will show to the world our project in Valle de Lemos and its’ surroundings, which are places which pass the recovered hiking route.

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