Cuadro de texto: RIACA


The coordinators of the following countries:  Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Portugal,  St. Vincent (Caribbean), and  Spain, as representatives of their delegations, on the third of July, 2002, during the XVI   Conference of Caretakers of the Environment International (CEI), held at Pracatinat, in the province of Turin, Italy at 12:30 p.m. has agreed on the following:


1.            The Caretakers network for America and Caribbean (RACA) was ratified as a platform to strengthen the presence of America in CEI, and in the world at large.  


2.            The countries from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) have been included in RACA, which has been renamed as Caretakers Networks for Iberoamerica and the Caribbean (RIACA).


3.            An executive committee was formed and it will be on duty until the 31 of July, 2004. The members of the executive committee are:


President:                           José Miguel Molina (Costa Rica)

Vice-president:                  Gustavo Horacio Vera (Argentina)

Secretary:                           Lotier Rose (St. Vincent)

Treasurer                           Eugenio Sano  (Dominican Republic)

Assistant Treasurer:          Beatriz Reyes (Mexico)

Vocal:                                 Cris Leibner (United States)

Vocal:                                 José Ramón Casanova (Spain)


4.            RIACA´s objectives are:


·                          To work collectively sharing ideas related to different environmental problems and finding solutions to these problems through the promotion of Environmental Education in each country.

·                          To assure that projects are developed and implemented according to schedule.

·                          To raise funds locally, regionally and internationally to support the projects financially.

·                          To achieve joint agreements among member countries




5.            This organization is being established as a non-governmental organization affiliated to Caretakers of the Environment International. Providing emphasis on environmental education at all educational levels in both, public and private schools.


The above-mentioned countries request to the Board of Caretakers of the Environment International the formal endorsement of this group whose members´ signatures appear below, in three copies of the same text.



Argentina:             Gustavo Horacio Vera

Brazil:                    Cynthia Fleming Silveira

Colombia:              Kenneth Ocho Vargas

Costa Rica:           José Miguel Molina

Ecuador:                 Aurora C. Apolo Hernandez

Spain:                     José Ramón Casanova

United States:       Cris Leibner

Mexico:                 Beatriz Reyes

Nicaragua:           Cesar Hernandez

Portugal:              Fátima Almeida

Dominican Republic: Eugenio Sano Breton

St. Vincent (Caribbean): Lotier Rose