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          Pazo do Muiño de Antero          Manuel Antero Yañez Rivadeneira (enviado por felipe aira)


In 1970 you begins to denominate in way official as rúa Muiños of Antero to the vía  that begins in the rúa Estrela, and it finishes off in Benito's rúa Vicetto. In the referred year he/she had 47 neighbors, according to the census of inhabitants of the City council.

In reference to the I build house. pazo or he/she marries - tavern, well-known as Mills of Antero, Sale of Antero, Tavern of Antero, Mills of Yáñez, etc.

The building was property of the illustrious D. Manuel Antero Yáñez Ribadeneyra, General Manager of you Commend them Real of the Sacred Order of Jerusalem in the Kingdom of Galicia, Gentleman, Great Cruz and Habit of Carlos' Real and distinguished Order III, amen of other titles and carried out positions, such as that of the General Direction of the Treasure.

We would need the space of a book for to write on the building, their belongings, their history.

The most suitable thing is to visit him. There us we will find with descending of D. Manuel Antero that will assist us kindly and they will explain to us the history of the building and we will have the opportunity to see the impressive dependences of the same one.


As one can read in a plenary agreement of it dates June of 1907, 19 it was planned to locate in our city a Park Regional Office worker of Campaign. On the part of the City council, you they shuffled diverse places where to install this Park:


      "(...)Former convent of S. Hyacinth, Tavern of the Mills of Ram to 300 meters, Farm of Piñeira to 1.500 meters, the Dehesa  and House of the Mount to 1.200 meters and that of the heirs of D. Matías Yáñez of the street Dr. Casares."


Given the dimensions of the building, in the year 1910, according to plenary session of March 11, he offered same for military posse:


     "(...)Informed the Corporation of the letter and note remitted by the Excmo Mr. General Boss of the Central bigger State with respect to the construction of a Barracks in this City that for the time being not it is possible to consent to what has requested the Aymo., but that it would rot to be dedicated to this City the administrative park of Campaign facilitating the Aymo., building for its installation, remembered after brief debate to offer for that park the former Convent of S. Hyacinth that making with him some repair can serve or in another case the house - tavern of those Mills of Yáñez that gathers conditions."


The existent bridge in this road and spread on the railroads it is known, popularly, as you Put on Muiños of Antero.